Our Process

Our scope of work includes a visual inspection and if necessary, testing to characterize the extent of contamination. Our goal is to assist you in understanding and correcting your problem from start to finish.

Client Interview and Background Information

We get to know you and your property. We ask questions, listen, and find out the who, what, where, when, and why of your structure, its history, known problem areas, and your concerns. This information gathering stage of the process is vital to every step that follows.

Determine Strategy and Set Objectives

Our inspection helps us gain an understanding of the space and any problem areas. Along with information gathered during the client interview, we formulate a corrective plan and clearly communicate what you can expect throughout the process.

Visual Inspection and Mold Evaluation

In addition to our years of experience, we bring moisture meters, thermal cameras and boroscope cameras to inspect your property. Our goal is to to identify any structural defect, mechanical failure or environmental condition that could encourage mold growth.

Mold and other Bioaerosol Testing

We use approved sampling techniques such as spore trap analysis, tape lift and swab sampling to collect air, bulk, and surface samples of mold and other bioaerosols like dust mites, pollen, dander, and outgassing VOCs.

Laboratory Analysis

All samples are either direct read or sent to an AIHA accredited laboratory. Qualified technicians use the latest analytical methods and techniques to complete a series of qualitative and quantitative tests. Results are then provided with the analytical data needed to move forward.

Report Findings

We prepare and present to you a comprehensive inspection report, summarizing our visual observations and measurements, lab results, and data interpretations.

Develop Remediation Protocol Plan

A protocol written by a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant is created that defines the locations & quantity of contaminants, recommended remediation methods, required personal protective equipment, containment requirements and clearance criteria.

Post Remediation Verification Testing

We inspect the completed work to ensure that the source of the mold problem was successfully and completely resolved, there is no visible mold growth on any previously affected areas/materials and that your indoor air quality is clean and healthy.